Cargo drones are ready to go - if they stop crashing into oncoming obstacles

Sabrewing rhaegal

The creation of drones is one of the most dynamically developing areas of modern technology. But, despite this, the UAV developers have not yet solved, perhaps, the main problem: how to teach them to detect and avoid obstacles.

A spokesperson for the startup Sabrewing told IEEE Spectrum magazine that they are developing the Rhaegal cargo drone, which is slated for trials in 2020.

The drone owes its name to one of the dragons from the Game of Thrones saga. The drone is equipped with a detection system, which includes video cameras, a lidar with radar, a GPS navigator and an infrared detector for flying in the dark. Such a powerful technical filling will allow the drone to independently notice obstacles and maneuver to bypass them. Although at the first stage, he still needs the control of a remote operator.

The 1: 8 Rhaegal model is currently being blown in a wind tunnel. After that, test flights in the Alaska region will begin in 2020.