Google drones begin full-fledged cargo delivery in Australia

After several years of extensive testing, the pilotless delivery company Wing, a subsidiary of Alphabet, has received Australian approval to do business. Over the past 18 months, about 3, 000 test flights were carried out with essential goods. Following their successful completion, the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority officially gave the green light to the company.

At the first stage, the drone delivery service will be available only for residents of three suburbs of the country's capital Canberra: the Kreis, Palmerston and Franklin districts. Users can use the mobile application to place an order with Wing partners from among local companies, and the drones will bring them the ordered. Among the institutions that have joined the project are restaurants, cafes and pharmacies.

Drone Wing in action

One of the most difficult tasks was to develop a scheme for the movement of drones. The authorities impose quite logical requirements: drones should not fly over public roads and footpaths, and they should not approach people and living beings. But this means that the path will run over buildings, so the construction of routes using traditional navigators had to be eliminated and the problem had to be solved almost from scratch.

Wing also plans to start official operations in Finland by the end of this year. But this is far from the first - and not even the most successful project in this area yet. For example, UPS launched drug delivery drones in North Carolina last month. The Dominos store serves customers by air in New Zealand, and 7-Eleven is actively operating cargo drones in Nevada.