China created the world's first drone landing ship

In early April, China Shipbuilding Industry, part of the China Shipbuilding Corporation, unveiled the world's first amphibious amphibious assault ship, which may soon join the country's armed forces. The vessel was named "Marine Lizard" ("Sea lizard").

According to the available information, "Marine Lizard" is a trimaran with a diesel installation, its length is 12 meters. On the water, the vessel develops a speed of over 90, and on land - up to 20 km / h. For movement on the ground, 4 retractable caterpillar tracks are used. The maximum mileage of an amphibious drone is 1200 km. "Marine Lizard" is supposed to be armed with two machine guns, as well as anti-ship and anti-aircraft missiles.

Its main purpose is to participate in amphibious operations in conjunction with other autonomous combat assets - air, sea and land. The Marine Lizard can operate either on commands from a remote operator via satellites, or completely autonomously using the BeiDou navigation system.

The use of an amphibious amphibious drone will save the Marines from the unnecessary risk associated with the initial phase of landing ashore occupied by the enemy.

The "Marine Lizard" acquires particular relevance in connection with the aggravation of the military-strategic confrontation between China and the United States in the South Pacific. As you know, China has recently been actively creating artificial islands here, the protection of which, perhaps, will be entrusted to marine drones.