100th Anniversary Indian Motorcycle Builds Awesome Appaloosa Bike

The Sultans of Sprint motorcycle racing competition is renowned for the fact that victory points are awarded not only for success on the track, but also for creative, innovative approach to the construction of the bikes themselves. "Style, creativity and madness" - this is the motto of the participants in these competitions, among which the Indian Motorcycle team stood out. Exactly 100 years ago they took part in this competition for the first time and prepared a surprise for the anniversary - "Appaloosa".

The name refers to the famous American horse breed, although visually the bike looks more like the first jet fighters due to the characteristic fairing. It took 700 hours to design and build, with the Workhorse Speedshop doing most of the work. "Appaloosa" is far from a track monster, there is a modest 1.2 liter engine, which is powered from a 2.5 liter fuel tank - literally for one run.

The motor power reaches 130 hp, and although there is no data on the ceiling of the speed, it must be assumed that the Appaloosa is a very fast bike. If only because there is already a mandatory for Indian Motorcycle nitrogen injection system and an Akrapovic exhaust complex. Judging by the design of the subframe and seat, the driver will actually have to lie down, but since the pilot is Randy Mamola from California, no problems are foreseen. He has already signed a contract for several demonstration runs on a new motorcycle.

Appaloosa will be shown at the end of May at the UK Bike Shed and mid June at the French Wheels and Waves Festival.