Uber Launches Helicopter Taxi Flights in New York Starting Next Month

It is quite obvious that in the near future there will be whole fleets of flying cars, but starting next month, taxi-helicopters - Uber Copter - will begin to run over New York.

A trip, or rather a flight, can be ordered using the Uber app on the still only route from Lower Manhattan to the international airport. Kennedy, where passengers will fly in 8 minutes. The service will only be available to top tier Platinum and Diamond users.

The pricing system assumes that the cost of a trip will vary based on demand, with an average cost of a trip between $ 200 and $ 225 per passenger. According to the head of Uber Elevate - Eric Ellison, "in such a journey, we see the opportunity to save a huge amount of time."

Seats in five-seater helicopters can be booked five days before the flight. The service will be provided by a Heliflite charter service.

Testing of Uber's own flying taxis is scheduled for 2020 ahead of scheduled flights to Dallas and Los Angeles in 2023.