Israel unveils nine-seat all-electric aircraft

This week, at the Paris International Airshow, the presentation of the Israeli nine-seater electric passenger aircraft Eviation Alice took place.

The current goal of electric aircraft manufacturers is not to replace their “conventional” counterparts in commercial long-distance travel. Aviation startups are developing lightweight electric vehicles with a range of up to 1, 600 km.

Eviation has entered into agreements with Siemens and magniX to produce two powertrain variants for Alice. The engines will be located - one in the tail section, and one each at the wing tips (wingspan - 16, 12 meters). The power of each is 260 kW. The engines will provide the aircraft with a cruising speed of 445 km / h and a flight range of up to 1046 km.

The model presented at the airshow is a working prototype of Alice. The company plans to conduct test flights in order to obtain a flight certificate in 2021, after which in 2022 Eviation will start mass production and deliveries.