Norway has decided to dispose of the frigate HNoMS Helge Instag that sank last year

This story made a lot of noise at the end of 2018. Then, during a NATO exercise, the Norwegian missile frigate HNoMS Helge Instag, colliding with the civilian oil tanker Sola TS, was seriously damaged. To avoid total flooding, the frigate's crew decided to run it aground. Later, the ship sank anyway. Fortunately, there were no casualties. Eight crew members received minor injuries.

HNoMS Helge Instag is one of five frigates of the Fritjof Nansen series, built in Spain 9 years ago. It is armed with a 76mm dual-use cannon, eight anti-ship missiles, 32 ESSM anti-aircraft missiles, four anti-submarine torpedoes and an NH-90 helicopter. The vessels of this series are the smallest ones equipped with the American Aegis missile defense system.

At first, the possibility of repairing it was considered, but later it turned out that it would cost a pretty penny, namely $ 1, 4 - 1, 6 billion, that is, about the same as for the construction of a new frigate - 1, 3 - 1, $ 5 billion. According to the government commission, it is possible to reuse some spare parts and equipment from the damaged vessel in the amount of $ 11 to 44 million. Complete disposal will cost $ 11 million.

It is not yet clear how the out-of-order frigate can be replaced. By the way, this is a colossal loss for the Norwegian Navy, whose surface fleet consisted of only five ships.

According to available information, the Norwegian government intends to order the same ship, but with some changes in its design, in particular, the propeller shafts. The fact is that after the collision with the tanker, water began to flow into the vessel through the hollow shafts of the propellers.