McLaren has developed a children's version of the 720S supercar

There are toys really for children, and there are toys for those who want to return to childhood. The McLaren 720S electric car belongs to this category - formally it is intended for children, but parents will get more pleasure from it. This is a complete detailed design replica of the original 720S.

As marketers joke, even if a child does not like the machine itself, he will definitely like the large and durable cardboard box in which it comes. Because the box, depending on the fantasy, can be a fairy cave, a plate of aliens, or a tank, etc. And an electric car cannot be anything else.

Here is the simplest control, which is duplicated using the remote control. So that if not a child, then at least a dad, who can ride a child on a copy of the dream of his youth, gets pleasure. The electric car looks as authentic as possible, here even the doors open upwards and sideways on special racks, although it is much more convenient for any child to simply climb over a low obstacle.

The electric car has its own infotainment system, so the little one can watch cartoons in peace while dad indulges in nostalgia. The price of one car is $ 400.