Dolphin 1 Remote Controlled Lifebuoy Comes to the Rescue of Drowning People

When it comes to rescuing drowning people, minutes count. In recent years, many ingenious rescue devices have already been created. Among them are the Iranian flying rescue robot Pars and the self-propelled U-Safe board from Noras Performance.

The new Dolphin 1 lifebuoy works in a similar way to U-Safe. If necessary, the rescuer (also known as the operator) starts the engine and launches the device into the water, and then brings it to the drowning man using the remote control.

Dolphin 1 was developed by OceanAlpha (Hong Kong). The horseshoe-shaped body is made of bright orange plastic, the dimensions of the device are 115 x 83 x 21 cm, the weight is 13 kg. It is equipped with electric jet engines capable of speeds up to 15 km / h. The battery charge lasts for half an hour of continuous operation, the communication range with the operator is 500 meters.

The company has already announced the start of series production of the Dolphin 1 and the launch of sales. The recommended price of the device is 5500 US dollars.