Airbus has developed a concept of a future aircraft similar to a bird of prey

Apparently in the hope of capturing the imagination of the next generation of aeronautical engineers, Airbus unveiled a design concept for the future Bird of Prey at the Royal International Air Tattoo in the UK.

One of the problems of all "related" products is their similarity and uniformity. Typical examples are passenger planes and smartphones. Competition for greater efficiency, as a rule, takes place within the framework of already formed concepts. Those who are still trying to break out of this framework and become the creators of breakthrough technologies.

Airbus's new Bird of Prey concept is designed for just that purpose. According to representatives of the company, a biomimetic plane (copying the device of living organisms, for example, birds - ed. Tekhkult) will never be built, but it is quite possible to borrow some engineering solutions from nature: just remember the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci's flying machines. Anti-vortex wingtips are also one of the "bird" fragments in the glider of modern aircraft.

Birds of prey are of the greatest interest from the point of view of creators of new aircraft models. Having studied the features of their body and flight, aeronautical engineers have developed a number of technologies, in particular, hybrid-electric propulsion, active control systems and modern composite structures.

The Bird of Prey concept features wings with large, individually controllable wingtips and a curved, hybrid wing-fuselage connection that creates an aerodynamic arch reminiscent of a giant predator. The fuselage also tapers towards the tail end, ending in a fan-shaped tail, the "feathers" of which provide stability in flight control.