Unmanned patrol boat Pacific 950: 12.7 mm cannon and 10 days of autonomous sailing

The Pacific 950 autonomous patrol boat, developed by BAE System, is designed to combat sea pirates, organize border control, conduct reconnaissance and ensure security at sea.

It is an autonomous vessel capable of operating alone for up to 10 days, covering up to 550 km and reaching speeds of up to 80 km / h.

The Pacific 950 was first introduced at the Unmanned Warrior 2016 exercise off the coast of Scotland. Last week, BAE announced the completion of a series of tests confirming the capabilities of the new boat.

Its stabilized cameras and thermal imaging systems enable the vessel to carry out “complex missions with multiple phases” while simultaneously transmitting information to the control room in real time.

The only thing not left to the artificial intelligence of the boat is the 12.7 mm automatic stabilized cannon, which is controlled by a remote operator. By the way, if necessary, the boat can also be transferred to remote control.

Tests of the Pacific 950 will continue in the coming months. BAE specialists will have to test the boat's ability to integrate with other combat control systems. His next "publication" will take place at the end of the year in Portugal during the NATO REPMUS exercise.