Harley-Davidson has developed a line of e-bikes for the smallest bikers

The future belongs to the young, and it is better to accustom consumers to modern technologies (and to their products) from an early age. Guided by a similar logic, Harley-Davidson - the eminent brand for brutal bikers - took up the production of children's electric bicycles. The IronE series reflects the prevailing social vision of what the lightweight personal transport of tomorrow should be.

The new range of e-bikes is designed for children aged 3 to 7 years - that is, the youngest category of cyclists. Therefore, they have a speed limit of 17 km / h, however, with a caveat: this is in the "green mode" of operation.

By tradition, Harley-Davidson does not disclose the specific running characteristics of its products; for children's bicycles, only a gradation is made according to power levels - green, yellow and red.

The IronE12 model is designed for kids 3-5 years old, weighs 7, 7 kg, has 30-cm wheels. The IronE16 model is aimed at older children, 5-7 years old, it has 40-cm wheels, a seat height of 40 cm and a slightly higher weight - up to 9 kg. Each model uses replaceable batteries, which last for 30-60 minutes of operation. The cost of such a toy from adults to children is $ 649 for the younger model and $ 699 for the older one.