Personal transport copter SkyDrive SD-03 makes its first public flight

In April, the SkyDrive SD-03 multicopter made the first ever controlled flight with a pilot on board in the history of Japan. And now he consolidated his success with his first public demonstration flight.

SkyDrive SD-03 is an electric vertical takeoff aircraft. The aircraft is two meters high, four meters long and the same width. That is, in terms of dimensions, it is approximately equal to two cars parked next to it. The drone has four sets of propellers that rotate in different directions, which can be covered with curved fairings for protection. Each propeller is equipped with its own electric motor.

As part of the demonstration flight, the SD-03 flew over a one-hectare test site of Toyota (which is the co-developer of the vessel). The flight was controlled by the pilot in the cockpit, but the copter's computer was entrusted with maintaining stability and controlling safety. The developers have not provided any other details yet.

Toyota is now looking to expand its range of tests to see how the new technology will perform in a wide variety of conditions. The company aims to obtain permission to fly outside the test site by the end of this year.