US Navy SEALs get special Yamaha jet skis

The experience of fighting in Syria has shown that in a modern war, the winner is not the one who produces the latest weapons, but who knows how to most effectively use all types of equipment - primarily cheap and massive civilian ones. After the start of the war in Afghanistan, US Special Forces switched to Polaris MRZR ATVs, and sea saboteurs from SEAL chose Yamaha FX Cruiser SHO jet skis for themselves. Not least because their Russian and Iranian counterparts mastered this technique even earlier.

An analysis conducted by the United States showed that the Iranians have hundreds of small watercraft, including very tiny and penny jet skis. However, with their help, a prepared detachment can easily capture a huge tanker, and the guard in the form of a bulky destroyer may not even have time to react.

Then the thought went in a very unpleasant way for the Pentagon contractors: what is the use in such a situation from equipment that costs millions of dollars, and its development takes five years? Therefore, SEAL and moved to the modernized Yamaha, fortunately, those have very successful marine engines and large dimensions, which allows you to seat three fighters on a jet ski at once. Or attach a special evacuation sled for transporting the wounded.

Also, the SEAL jet ski can be equipped with a large-caliber machine gun to cover the landing or attack even large boats. Jet skis can carry a special magnetic system for climbing high sides of ships, which is much more convenient than assault ladders. And, of course, such machines are easier to repair than expensive exclusive samples.