Garmin develops advanced NEO Bike Smart exercise bike for travel enthusiasts

The renowned manufacturer of GPS equipment and sports watches Garmin has developed an advanced exercise bike with a built-in virtual NEO Bike Smart simulator.

It uses a built-in motor with various resistance levels, simulating driving in several modes. In particular, it provides an imitation of driving on a flat surface, ascents and descents, an analysis of the pedal stroke depending on the position of the legs, followed by the issuance of recommendations for improving the technique.

NEO Bike Smart is linked to the online multiplayer game Zwift, which communicates data to participating exercise bikes, simulating a real bike ride. It can be accessed through a built-in 4.5-inch display attached to the steering wheel.

NEO Bike Smart is capable of simulating road surfaces in various regions of the world from highways to bridges and country roads. The simulator constantly monitors the speed, intensity and cadence on each type of road with an accuracy of one percent.

NEO Bike Smart is already on sale in the US, Canada and Europe for $ 3, 200.