BAE Systems has developed a roboboat for operations in tandem with warships

This week in London's Docklands, BAE Systems will unveil an unmanned vessel (USV) that fully integrates with the combat systems of existing Royal Navy ships. The show is scheduled as part of the large-scale international exhibition DSEI 2019.

It is assumed that the Pacific 24 robotic rigid inflatable boat (P24 RIB) will communicate with the combat control system and sensors of the type 26 frigate HMS Argyl to expand the ship's capabilities.

The idea of ​​using USVs to increase the capabilities of combat ships is not new. It consists in the transfer of many vital missions, in particular, anti-piracy, reconnaissance and border control to autonomous boats, thereby freeing human sailors for more responsible work.

The length of Pacific 24 is 7, 8 meters, the speed is 70 km / h, the time of continuous patrol is 45 hours. His "partner" is a standard Royal Navy vessel, which is in service with the Marines and military police. On board the vessel, BAE Systems specialists installed a robotic control system, new sensors, high-resolution optical and thermal imaging cameras and an acoustic early warning device (LRAD).

According to BAE, the robotic boat can perform many functions and make decisions without human intervention. It can also react to manifestations of aggression, although its future weapons system from MSI Systems still involves the presence of an operator on board, making the final decision on the use of weapons.