Ryker Rally Edition - an unusual tricycle for off-road racing

The Ryker tricycle is the successor to the well-known Spyder from the same developer - the Can-Am company, but differs in the Rally Edition prefix in the name. Hidden behind it is a completely different car, which has retained only the basic layout with the driving rear wheel. Ryker gets full underbody protection, aluminum roll bars and off-road tires.

The clearance of the new tricycle is low - 112 mm. But on all wheels there is a KYB HPG suspension with adjustment for different terrain conditions. The engine is the same, three-cylinder Rotax 900, but with electronic stability control and a special Rally Mode. Thanks to it, Ryker is less prone to get stuck in mud, but it is still not worth driving through swamps and sand dunes.

The main purpose of Ryker is driving at high speeds with active maneuvering over fields, forest edges, broken country roads. The three-wheel design makes it easier to overcome potholes, although the tricycle is still not able to handle large obstacles. It is a tough competitor in rally racing for purely on-road models, like its predecessor, the Spyder.