Segway-Ninebot unveils two electric off-road motorcycles

The Segway-Ninebot Company is known for self-balancing two-wheeled vehicles. This week, as part of the SEMA 2019 showcase of global automotive engineering excellence in Las Vegas, she unveiled her first electric off-road motorcycles - two versions of the Dirt eBike.

The larger X260 has 48 cm tires, 27 cm ground clearance and 8.5 cm rear suspension travel. The motorcycle weighs 55 kg and has a torque of 250 Nm. The electric bike develops a speed of 75 km / h and is capable of traveling 120 km on a single charge.

The smaller version of the X160 weighs 7 kg lighter. The width of its tires is 43 cm, the minimum ground clearance is 22 cm, the travel of the rear suspension is 7.5 cm. The engine power is 3 kW, which creates a torque of 220 Nm. The on-board power supply provides a range of 65 km in off-road conditions.

Both e-bikes are equipped with an electronically controlled throttle, adjustable front fork and rear suspension. They can also be retrofitted with standard motorcycle parts.

The large and smaller versions of the Dirt are priced at $ 4, 500 and $ 3, 000, respectively. Electric bikes will be available for purchase in the first quarter of 2020.