Bobsla electric sled for stunning snow drift

The owners of the Obergurgl ski resort in the Austrian Alps have bought a trial batch of new cars for this season. The brainchild of the inventor Sergei Ignatiev is called "Bobsla" and most of all looks like what everyone dreamed of in childhood - a sled with a motor. Yes, yes, now, in order to ride, you do not need to pull the sled up the hill, they will go there themselves together with the owner.

Structurally, Bobsla is a hybrid of a sled and a snowmobile - it is a large flat box, to which is added a 12 kW electric motor, which rotates two tracks through a hydraulic drive. The system is incomparably simpler than on a full-fledged snowmobile, even the control is only two levers to lock each track, to turn in the right direction, like on old tractors. There is nothing to break here, and repairs can be carried out directly in the field.

Bobsla's top speed is only 30 km / h, but this is even better, given the fact that tourists with minimal training will be able to ride on sleds. Thanks to the caterpillars, the sleds can move on snow of different densities, do not slip on the slopes, and stop almost instantly. If desired and with some skill, you can arrange drifting on them, and a small area, 50 by 50 meters, will be enough.

Bobsla's electric sleds will be officially on display at ISPO next month, but they have already been nominated for the BrandNew Awards. It is difficult to talk about the cost of a sled until industrial production has begun. One of the pressing issues is the provision of energy, the sleds use up the battery charge very quickly, but the designer provided for a quick replacement of the batteries instead of waiting for two hours to charge each of them.