LG has developed a greenhouse closet for a home farm

LG will present an unusual product at CES 2020 - the Columm Garden indoor greenhouse closet. It has cells to accommodate 24 boxes filled with peat moss, fertilizers and seeds. The resulting harvest, according to LG, will be able to meet the vegetable needs of a family of four throughout the year.

Various modules and special lighting create an artificial climate inside the cabinet with the ability to adjust the temperature and illumination depending on the time of day. In addition, recirculating water technology ensures the ideal level of hydration for the seeds while preventing algae growth and unwanted odors.

Columm Garden users will be able to control plant growth using a dedicated smartphone app. The company offers a starter kit that includes 20 varieties of seeds, including arugula, chicory, basil and various salads such as romaine.

LG is likely to announce the price of its new greenhouse cabinet during CES 2020 from January 7 to 10.