Neptun X electrosurf will allow you to fly over water at a speed of 45 km / h

The Chinese company eFoilFly presented the Neptun X surfboard. It is a very simple and functional device made of carbon and fiberglass, EPS foam, with separate sections of a special resin, which protects the board from overheating in the sun. Its dimensions are 1.68 x 1.1 m. The Neptun X is equipped with a battery and a removable 80 cm underwater wing.

Attached to the wing is a 48-volt electric motor with a rated power of 3 kW and a maximum power of 12 kW. The shielded screw driven by it can rotate at a speed of 6500 rpm. To start moving, you need to stand on the board and press a button on the remote control. Neptun X is capable of supporting up to 130 kg.

As you pick up speed, the board gradually rises above the water. The higher the rise, the less resistance it experiences and the more riding on it is like flying. Control is carried out using slight tilt of the body.

The capacity of the Samsung battery is 2.3 kWh. Charging is enough to ride for 80 minutes, and it takes 2 hours to recharge. Neptun X is easy to disassemble - the underwater part is detached from the board, after which it can be folded into the car. The total weight of the device is 36.3 kg.

However, Neptun X can hardly be called an affordable pleasure for everyone. The price of the "flying board" is 12, 000 euros. Hopefully it can be rented.