Jeep launches $ 5,900 off-road electric bike

This news will certainly interest fans of driving on electric off-road bikes: Jeep announced the start of pre-orders for its new product, developed in conjunction with the company QuietKat (USA). True, it is worth clarifying right away that the new electric bike from the famous brand is very "cool" and not everyone can afford it - potential buyers will have to pay $ 5900 for it.

The new bike Jeep is primarily a Fire-Link suspension and a powerful Bafang Ultra mid-range engine. Initially, it was designed for 1.5 kW, but the developers, taking into account the restrictions on the power of electric bikes in many US states, were forced to halve it, to 750 watts.

Manufacturers guarantee future owners a good cross-country ability, even on roads with extreme terrain, thanks to the thick 4, 8-inch tires. The battery deserves no less confidence - one charge should be enough for 64 km.

Deliveries to customers will not begin until June. Jeep management hopes that the new product will be a worthy addition to their production vehicles, the owners of which would like to ride an electric bike somewhere off the beaten track. However, ordinary cyclists who know a lot about off-road adventures will also be able to appreciate its merits.