Drone Station Matternet will take over the delivery of medical samples

Last year, Drone Logistics Matternet (USA) partnered with shipping company UPS to create a drone transfer system for medical samples between laboratories and a hospital in North Carolina. Today, a California-based startup unveiled a further development of this idea, the Matternet station, which will help medical personnel transport biosamples using drones.

The futuristic station works offline in tandem with the M2 Matternet drone and its cloud platform to ensure the safe delivery of medical supplies to and from hospital campuses.

For example, a doctor who needs to deliver a sample to a laboratory packs it in a special container, enters the necessary data and places it in the station's loading bay, where it is picked up by a drone inside.

The Matternet station looks like a flower bud 3 meters high, which unfolds before the drone takes off. Upon reaching its destination, the drone lands in the same bud, where the battery is replaced and new samples are unloaded.

Each station holds one drone and up to four sample bags, where they are stored at a controlled temperature. The Matternet cloud platform allows operators to remotely monitor the status of transportation and the status of drones.