Japan has developed an inflatable motorcycle that can fit in a backpack

Mankind has seen a lot of portable e-bikes, but this little scooter takes the concept of portable vehicles to the next level. The Poimo (POrtable and Inflatable MObility) is an inflatable motorcycle from the University of Tokyo that can easily fit into a backpack when deflated.

At the moment, Poimo is just a test prototype, so setting up and operating it can be a little more difficult than it looks in the video. Wheels and steering wheel with wireless controller are detachable and carried separately. In addition, the test version requires an external air compressor while driving to maintain constant pressure to support the rider's weight. Management and movement is carried out with a forward tilt and feet resting on special footrests.

In fact, there are still enough questions here. How long will a book-sized battery on the bottom of a bike last? The whole set weighs only about 5.5 kg, which is quite a bit for such a unit, so its operating time is most likely short. What is the best way to fit two pairs of wheels into a bag? How long will it take to install and pump if using a conventional mechanical pump? After all, is it so practical?

Perhaps it will turn out not. But this is not a reason not to show an interesting development. In addition, the University of Tokyo team does not want to stop at the bike and is already thinking about creating such advanced vehicles as, for example, mobile inflatable sofas.