BMW has developed a motorcycle chain that does not need to be lubricated and tightened

Motorcycle owners often have to perform the functions of mechanics in addition to their driving skills, as long-distance travel is fraught with many technical problems inherent in this type of transport.

One of the most sensitive parts of a motorcycle is the chain. Without regular cleaning and adjustment, it will wear out and stretch, resulting in the rear sprocket falling off the teeth. This creates serious safety problems for the owner and other road users.

According to BMW, its specialists managed to solve this problem by creating an M Endurance chain that does not need lubrication and tightening. The main feature is the diamond coating on the rollers, giving it "extreme hardness and resistance". The coating - its full name is "tetrahedral amorphous carbon" - reduces the coefficient of friction in the places where the rollers interact with the sprocket teeth.

The company is currently releasing new 525 pitch chains for the S1000RR and S1000XR motorcycles as factory options and aftermarket accessories. The price of one chain is $ 340. A set with a sprocket, sprocket and additional parts will cost $ 507.