Britain intends to get rid of its armored forces

The British army, which was once the first to use tanks on the battlefield, is going to completely abandon them. As a result, its 227 Challenger II main battle tanks will soon be phased out.

Not so long ago, the Challenger II was considered one of the best NATO combat vehicles, however, unlike its "colleague" the American M1A2 Abrams, the "Englishman" did not undergo any modernization and is hopelessly outdated. In 2019, London nevertheless decided to modernize 148 out of 227 tanks.

In turn, the British Department of Defense proposes to completely abandon this idea and redistribute the freed up funds for the development of modern military technologies. In particular, preference will be given to attack helicopters (in service with the British army there are 50 Apache attack helicopters) and airborne forces.

Her Majesty's Army is not the first to decide to get rid of the armored forces. In 2011, the Royal Netherlands Army retired the Leopard II under the pretext that the future belongs to mobile motorized units, which are much more effective in local conflicts - for example, against ISIS or the Afghan Taliban.

The Dutch later regretted this rash decision after Russia significantly increased its armored power. Today the Netherlands is forced to rent 18 Leopard 2A6M tanks from Germany. There are plans to purchase several more units.

The Pentagon is armed with 6333 tanks, which, according to the US Army Command, is too many, and therefore this year the Marine Corps completely disbanded its tank forces, and this is almost 120 M1A1 Abrams tanks.

The reason is simple: the Pentagon is considering the South China Sea as the alleged theater of future hostilities. Although, according to experts, the heavy "Abrams" could be replaced by lighter vehicles with firepower that is not inferior to tanks.