The US Army received new advanced armored vehicles

The first armored multipurpose vehicle (AMPV), which rolled off the assembly line of the British defense concern BAE Systems on August 31, will soon enter service with the US Army to replace its outdated predecessor, the Vietnam War veteran, the American M113 armored personnel carrier, developed in the late 50s.

AMPVs will be produced in five versions as part of the ABCT Network Modernization Strategy. The design of the vehicle is based on the technologies of the Bradley BMP and the M109A7 self-propelled howitzer. In total, in accordance with the contract, 450 vehicles will be delivered to the US Army.

AMPV will be released in the following versions:

  1. Command vehicle, which will use advanced digital satellite technology to perform command functions;
  2. General purpose vehicle for transporting supplies, maintenance and casualty evacuation;
  3. Artillery support mortar;
  4. Medical evacuation vehicle;
  5. Mobile operating room;

Each version includes modern electronics and advanced power sources. AMPV are equipped with reactive armor, thickened lower armor against mines and an automatic fire extinguishing system. The driver has a good natural view, and additional cameras and networked environment expand his capabilities beyond the line of sight.