Aston Martin launches AMR-C01 luxury racing simulator

British luxury car manufacturer Aston Martin has partnered with Curv Racing Simulators to launch the ultimate AMR-C01 racing simulator. Get ready for shocks - the price tag for this high-tech piece of art starts at $ 74, 000.

The system is released in a limited series - 150 units will be created in total. As experts rightly point out, at this price you can buy a very good real car, and not its virtual simulator. But we must pay tribute to Aston Martin - the AMR-C01 will definitely conquer any fan of racing and speed, even with its appearance alone.

The pilot's monocoque is made entirely of carbon fiber. The developers copied the driver's position of the Valkyrie supercar to make the virtual racer feel like inside a real Aston Martin. The front outer part of the system is made in the style characteristic of the company's cars, plus, in the tradition of the manufacturer, each AMR-C01 unit is assembled by hand. By the way, her project partner, Curv Racing Simulators, employs racer Darren Turner, who has been working on the creation of Formula 1 simulators for 20 years.