The Segway Returns - This Time With The Practical C80 Electric Bike

Late last year, Segway announced several new additions, including the eMoped electric bike (later dubbed the C80), which the company exhibited on Indiegogo.

The C80 is practically no different from a regular scooter, and only the presence of pedals indicates that this is still an electric bike. According to the Segway, its owners in many countries around the world will not even need a driver's license.

The C80 is powered by a 750 W engine capable of a top speed of 32 km / h. It has an automatic cruise control function that allows you to maintain the selected speed at the push of a button.

The current status information of the C80 while driving is displayed on the LED panel in the center of the steering column. The power source is a removable lithium-ion battery 48 V, 24 Ah, 1152 Wh, the charge of which is enough for 85 km of run. The braking system includes front disc and rear drum brakes. In this case, part of the energy during braking is transferred to the battery.

The RideyGo system is responsible for the safety of the electric bike, which controls the seat using AI. If a stranger gets on the bike, it will automatically block the ride in a few seconds. It also allows you to block the bike using a dedicated app.

In case of unauthorized movement of the C80, a notification will be sent to the owner's smartphone immediately and an audible and visual signal will be triggered, followed by locking the wheels in 3-4 seconds. When an electric bike is stolen from a parking lot, a mobile application will help track its position using GPS.

The C80 is already available on Indiegogo for $ 1900. The retail price will rise to $ 2, 200. If the campaign is successful, deliveries of C80 will begin in November.