French startup MACA develops a flying racing car

With the advancement of new technologies, new ways have emerged to apply them in sports and entertainment. For example, the evolution of car racing has led to the emergence of Formula E and Extreme E - modern counterparts of the famous Formula 1. And recently the developers from the French startup MACA, proposed a new idea - the creation of racing flying cars-carcopters.

A carcopter is a pilot-controlled electric vehicle equipped with hydrogen cells, capable of accelerating to 240 km / h or more.

As a drone from MACA, the single-seat EVTOL Racer is still in its early stages of development. Its length is known - 5 meters. It is equipped with six 35-kilowatt electric motors capable of lifting the light aircraft into the air.

Most of the body will be made of carbon fiber, so that the weight of the flying electric car will not exceed 600 kg, which, combined with unique aerodynamics, will provide it with a high speed on the track - up to 250 km / h. The semi-autonomous control system will ensure safety throughout the flight.

MACA opted for a hydrogen fuel system instead of a battery electric drive to optimize flight range, which also completely eliminates the presence of harmful emissions. The startup's participants hope to eventually create a serial passenger flying electric car based on the racing version of eVTOL, which will also work on international lines.

According to MACA, the first prototype will be ready by the end of this year, and the finished version of the carcopter will receive certification by the end of 2022.