Boeing reveals the secrets of the Defiant X - the fastest attack helicopter in the world

Lockheed Martin and Boeing have unveiled the Defiant X, a next-generation attack helicopter designed for the upcoming US Army Long Range Attack Aviation (FLRAA) competition. Today it is the fastest, most maneuverable and tenacious attack helicopter in the history of aviation.

The purpose of the FLRAA competition is to create a multi-purpose assault high-speed medium-class helicopter with an increased flight range based on modern technologies. For example, the Defiant X has coaxial propellers and a rear "push" propeller. This design eliminates the unevenness of lifting forces at high speeds, which is typical for designs with a single engine. At low speeds, the coaxial propellers provide the helicopter with good controllability.

Defiant X in the future should replace its predecessor - the legendary Black Hawk. The goal of the developers is to create an inconspicuous, high-speed, well-armed helicopter capable of maneuvering at high speeds and penetrating into enemy territory at low altitude for the delivery of equipment and its subsequent evacuation.

Almost nothing is known about the characteristics of the new helicopter, in particular, there is no information whether the T55 engine was replaced with a more advanced one. In this case, the Defiant X can fly at speeds up to 190 km / h faster than its predecessors, 60% farther and with 50% improved maneuverability and guidance accuracy.

At the moment, the vehicle is being tested in a computer simulation of a combat situation. If successful in the FLRAA competition, the production contract will be signed in 2022, and the new unique helicopter will not enter service until 2035.