Lithuania pays citizens who give up dirty cars in favor of electric scooters

The money-for-old car scheme is simple and not new. The Lithuanian government decided to give it a second wind by inviting car owners to invest in the purchase of eco-friendly two-wheeled vehicles powered by electric traction - bicycles and scooters.

The initiative of the state received the support of the population. Since mid-May, 8, 518 applications for subsidies for the purchase of such vehicles have already been submitted to the Environmental Project Management Agency of the Ministry of the Environment of Latvia (APVA).

Car owners who have given up their "dirty" cars will be able to count on receiving a subsidy in the amount of 1000 euros - however, provided that the car is priced at a lower amount. The government has already spent 95% of the 8 million euros allocated for this program and is going to add another 3 million euros from another program - to combat climate change.

Most of the money - € 4.95 million - was spent on electric scooters, € 269, 000 on electric bicycles, € 136, 000 on electric moped and motorbikes, and € 50, 000 on public transport tickets.