BMW is preparing to launch its own electric scooter

It seems that for many well-known automakers, the creation of their own branded two-wheeled electric vehicle is becoming a certain trend. The auto giant BMW was no exception, whose management promised to launch the production of the futuristic electric scooter BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 in a few months.

CE 04 is the result of an attempt to create a “smart” car for getting around the city, although its appearance can make you smile. The e-bike is equipped with a flat battery at the bottom, providing 120 kilometers of range. The engine and the associated belt drive system are conveniently and compactly located.

Under the oblong single seat is an unusual storage box where, for example, you can store your helmet. The function of the dashboard is performed by the display. An important design feature is the specially left open suspension parts. CE 04 is equipped with an on-board computer displaying the technical condition of the scooter and a built-in navigator.

CE 04 - exclusively urban. Its future owners are townspeople who drive within 15 kilometers a day. Of particular interest is an accessory that is not directly related to the scooter, but nevertheless, created by BMW especially for it - the “smart” driver's jacket.

It is made of waterproof material and has LEDs integrated into its sleeves and hood. You can make it glow with the help of sensors sewn into the sleeves. An additional option is a wireless charger for a smartphone in a jacket pocket.

Nothing is known about the future price of the CE-04.