Triton Submarines has released a new six-seater submarine bathyscaphe

Triton Submarines, creator of the first 24-seat tourist submarine, DeepView, has developed a new six-seat bathyscaphe. The name "3300/6" refers to a dive depth of 3300 feet (1000 meters) and the number of sites for which it is designed.

The ship's cockpit is the world's largest acrylic sealed spherical hull with a diameter of 2.5 m. Five seats look outward, while the sixth is turned inward, oddly enough, the pilot sits there. The seats are removable, so that unnecessary ones are removed as unnecessary. The cockpit has air conditioning - a must for submarines due to the lack of fresh air. Entry and exit is through a hatch behind the cockpit.

The dive seems to be long, although 1000 m is only a third of the depth of the Titanic crash site. And yet it is much deeper than scuba gear allows, the record for which is 307.6 m. Then the athlete took 12 minutes to descend, and 15 hours to rise again for safe decompression. The 3300/6 sealed bubble will not have such problems, it has enough air and battery power to explore the underwater world for more than 10 hours.

The movement is carried out by two main and two auxiliary engines with a power of 12, 5 kW, and piloting - using an intuitive joystick and touch screen. The maximum speed of the bathyscaphe is 3 knots or 5.5 km / h. In deep water, the submarine's path is illuminated by six 20, 000 lumen floodlights.

The complex 3300/6 weighs about 11 tons with a length of 4.55 m. In addition to some models, there is a robotic arm. The price of the bathyscaphe has not yet been disclosed.