In China, a copter with a flamethrower was adapted for burning wasp nests

A group of Blue Sky Rescue volunteers in search and rescue and other emergency operations have teamed up with residents of the Zhong village in central China near Chongqin to purchase a drone and equip it with a flamethrower. A total of 80, 000 yuan ($ 12, 200) was collected. The range of the jet of a flying flamethrower is on an outstretched arm.

The purpose of such an unusual acquisition is the destruction of hornets' nests, which cause many problems for the villagers. As soon as the drone hovers over the hive, the remote operator gives the command to turn on the ignition and a jet of fire falls on the hornet's nest, which in a few seconds turns it into ash.

As reported in Blue Sky, 11 hives have already been destroyed with the help of a flying flamethrower, and more than a hundred remain.