Tiny but powerful drone Bug has been tested by the British army

UAV manufacturer UAVTEK, together with BAE Systems, provided 30 samples of Bug drones weighing 196 grams, capable of operating at wind speeds of up to 80 km / h, for testing the British Army.

Every year, the variety of functions, shapes and sizes of drones that are in service with almost all the armies of the world increases. Among them are large reconnaissance and strike drones and even vehicles capable of launching small satellites. At the same time, tiny Bug-type drones that fit in an infantryman's backpack, designed for reconnaissance and observation, are on duty.

Today, it is not difficult to acquire a drone - they are produced by many companies. The main problem is to make them "smart", hardy, able to perform work in difficult conditions of enemy opposition and in bad weather, and then come back.

The weight of the Bug is comparable to the weight of a smartphone. It can cover a distance of 2 km at a speed of 80 km / h and continuously stay in the air for up to 40 minutes. The mini quad is equipped with several surveillance devices. During a recent exercise, the drone performed well at wind speeds over 80 km / h.

In the future, the developers are going to install additional sensors and integration devices with other military equipment on it.