Unusual Knukles-5 controller will allow you to control drones with one hand

Conventional drone controllers are designed for two arms, which, however, poses problems for people with injuries or disabilities. The only way out in this situation is to create a "one-handed" controller.

This task was successfully solved by a group of specialists headed by Konstantin Borisov, who, together with his colleagues Yevgeny Dudkin, Kirill Dukh and Andrey Samozvon, developed the Knukles-5 device. It replaces two traditional joysticks with two thumb and forefinger trackballs.

Trackballs allow you to control the eight axes of the drone's motion. To monitor its technical condition, including the battery level, a small LCD screen is provided at the top of the device.

Additional functions are provided by four customizable buttons and three switches, while the trackballs themselves can also act as buttons, doubling their potential. As a result, in various combinations, these controls provide the ability to control the movement of the drone along 19 axes, and the functions of the buttons increase to 40.

According to Konstantin Borisov, Knukles-5 will be available at the end of this year at a price of $ 250-300.