Velomobiel has developed the fastest commercial velomobile

A velomobile is a tricycle with an aerodynamic body that the pilot controls while lying down. It does not differ in particular cross-country ability, especially when driving uphill, but thanks to its streamlining on a good road, it is possible to develop a sufficiently high speed on it, spending less effort.

The Dutch company Velomobiel has developed the Snoek racing bike, named after the fish. Its lightweight body is made of carbon fiber. Compared to its predecessor, the Quest, the Snoek has 20% less windshield area and weighs just 20 kg.

It is worth noting: it is exclusively foot-operated, which does not mean the absence of modern controls at all - the velomobile is equipped with Sturmey Archer drum brakes, a 2 x 11 transmission, which includes Shimano 105 and SLX Shadow front and rear derailleurs and an 11-36 SRAM cassette. According to co-founder of the company Theo van Andel, Snoek is capable of accelerating to 60 km / h.

The rider's comfort and safety is ensured by a removable aerodynamic cover located around his head and a rigid protective lamp that complements the aerodynamic body.

Although the series production of the Snoek has not yet begun, the order backlog already includes 22 velomobiles, which will reach owners over the next nine months. The retail price of the device is about $ 10, 000.