Harley-Davidson launches Pan America adventure bike

Harley-Davidson, the world's most iconic motorcycle maker, faced a significant decline in sales last year, and it turns out that it was not because of the global pandemic. The real reason lies in the change of generations: young people of the 21st century prefer the cozy interior of a car filled with modern electronics, albeit legendary and prestigious, but still a bike.

To gain the trust of this audience, the company relied on fans of extreme motorcycle and travel. Harley-Davidson's new strategy is embodied in a bike optimized for adventure.

The bike is available in two versions: Pan America (weight 228 kg) and Pan America Special (weight 238 kg). They have a lot that is new, starting with the 1250 cc engine. cm and a capacity of 150 liters. from. The RA Special turned out to be 10 kg heavier, which is explained by the large number of bells and whistles.

Harley-Davidson has equipped the new car with Showa's fully adjustable suspension. Its stroke is 191 mm. The front and rear shock absorbers have three settings, depending on the selected riding mode. Moreover, in the RA Special, the adjustment is carried out by an electric drive.

The dashboard features a 6.8-inch TFT color screen with Bluetooth connectivity, which can be controlled using buttons on the steering wheel. From the screen, the rider can control traction, anti-lock braking system ABS, braking, slipping and the HHC system, which is responsible for holding the car when descending or ascending a slope.

RA Special has several "expensive" differences - in particular, the ARH (Adaptive Ride Height) system, which maintains ground clearance depending on the weight of the transported load and the driving mode. Spoke wheels can also be installed for an additional $ 500. Other bells and whistles include a Daymaker adaptive headlight, adjustable brake pedal angle, tire pressure sensors, and a center stand and heated steering wheel.

Pan America is available in two color versions - Black and River Rock Gray, and PA Special in three - Black, Gray and Orange / White. The models are priced at $ 17, 319 and $ 19, 999, respectively. The bikes should go on sale in May this year.